Prescott Valley Campus Overview

Visitors to AAEC – Prescott Valley never fail to notice the evidence of the community values – so much a part of why the Quad Cities area is becoming home to more and more people – that are reflected in the “feel” of the campus.

Principal Patrick Wellert, the staff and the students consciously model respect – for their school and for each other - creating an extremely positive school culture of warm relationships and mutual support, as well as a great learning environment.

Those visitors will see the orchards, the greenhouse and the gardens – and can’t fail to see the stables and covered riding arena as they approach the school. They’ll learn about the Archery and other clubs, of the successes of the large FFA membership at State and National competitions, and of the outstanding Veterinary Science program.

And importantly: of the great partnership the school enjoys with Yavapai College, and the pathways that allow students to earn tuition-free credits and even an Associate Degree by the time of high school graduation.