Student Registration

To register for one of our charter high schools, you must complete the enrollment packet. Please contact us today and we will send the packet to you by email or mail.

This enrollment packet contains several sections:

Section A

The registration form. When received, it holds a place for the student (unless all places are filled – in which case the student will be placed on a waiting list).

Section B

Forms to be completed and returned to the school. Included is a form from the Community College which must be completed prior to registration for the community college placement test.

Section C

Additional information about the school which, after being read and acknowledged, should be filed at home for reference.

The charter high school will contact you, after registration, about high school and college testing orientation dates.

We will be contacting new sophomores and juniors to arrange a meeting with the Principal to review academic/graduation status and to develop educational plans.

We look forward to working with you in the months – and years – ahead.

Enroll in one of our charter high schools and start earning college credits today. Contact AAEC Early College High School for information about our campuses, read our FAQ, or enroll online today.