Field Experience Placement Process for Student Teaching, Internships, and Observations

AAEC High School District values our collegiate partnerships to place student teachers and interns in our high schools. We believe this provides a valuable educational experience for these future members of the workforce. It is equally important that our District provides our students with a safe educational environment. It is important that the following clearance process is completed before a college student may be on an AAEC campus or in a classroom. 

Field Experience no longer than one (1) school day
(classroom observation):

  • The student contacts the Principal to schedule a campus visit and arrange the classroom(s) to observe. 

Field Experience more than one (1) day
(student teaching, internships, and observations):

  • The student obtains a Field Experience Placement Application from his/her College Placement Advisor.
  • The College Placement Advisor contacts the Principal at the selected school to arrange the placement and obtain the name of the Mentor Teacher. 
  • Students are not permitted to arrange placement.
  • The College Placement Advisor emails the completed application and a copy of the student’s valid DPS fingerprint card to AAEC Human Resources Department. 
  • Once the student is cleared to begin his/her field experience, the Principal will send an email confirming placement to the student, the College Placement Advisor, and the Mentor Teacher.


Field experience applications are only available from College Placement Advisors 

Students must complete a new application and obtain clearance from the AAEC Human Resources Department each school year. Clearance from a prior school year is not valid.