At AAEC: Pathways Plus!

Carefully managed course sequences combine high school classes, college courses, (which help meet high school graduation requirements: they are not just add-ons to the demands of high school graduation), and student goals with college readiness. Parents are encouraged to join their student in meetings with administrators where class schedules are determined.  

Successful completion of a 3-credit college class translates into a 0.5 high school credit. The likely first college course taken by AAEC students is CPD150: Strategies for College Success. The default college Pathway that follows is the AGEC Block, with many students completing an Arts or Science Associate Degree. Whether students pursue further community college coursework (for degree or certificate) or transfer directly to university, they are already well along their chosen pathway. A goal of AAEC/Community College advisement is to have every student leave with a plan, and with the knowledge of how to modify that plan and move it forward upon arrival at university – or wherever the next destination might be.

AAEC Pathway to Success!