Mesa Campus Overview

It’s an exciting time at AAEC-Mesa, the newest AAEC campus.

College and Community relationships are being strengthened; “pioneering” seniors received their college associate degrees two weeks before school was out in May.

Principal Christi Cravens carefully manages the blended school and college academic classes, working with each student to create a challenging - but not overwhelming – customized, academic program.

The school location, on Longmore Road contiguous to MCC, allows students to transition easily between campuses. The wide range of degree and certificate programs at the college allow students to get ahead in almost any future professional and career choices – allows them, in fact, to take maximum advantage of AAEC’s free-tuition college class opportunities.

But “getting ahead” doesn’t have to happen in an environment that is fun-free! Campus clubs, community service opportunities and those multiple college connections provide healthy, enlivening balance to academic demands.

Mesa students have full access to AAEC’s veterinary classes and to the FFA participation that develops so many beyond-the-traditional-classroom skills. 

Along with their teachers and staff, they are continuing the traditions of success that are characteristic of their sister campuses – while being involved in the exciting process of creating new traditions unique to AAEC-Mesa.