Estrella Mountain Campus Overview

Avondale and the West Valley have embraced AAEC-Estrella Mountain since it’s opening just 8 years ago.

And no wonder! Scores on state testing, the large number of students earning associate degrees from partner EMCC, and the scholarship offers accrued by members of the graduating classes are just a few student accomplishments that reflect well on the school.

If that isn’t enough: the customized educational pathways taken by AAEC-EM students, generated through 1:1 conversations with administrators, and supported by college advisors, as well as the College and Career Readiness class taken by all seniors, have graduates well-poised for the challenges ahead.

Although taking maximum advantage of the AAEC Early College program means working hard, it’s not all work! An array of student clubs, events and activities provide engagement, leadership opportunities and just plain fun. Besides, college courses earn high school credit, too, so it makes that accrual of a good number of transferrable college credits quite manageable.

EM students are engaged in the Sister Cities and other programs. Their successes in National History Day competition at the State level has led to teams competing in Washington, D.C. They impact the local community, through Senior Projects and a variety of community service projects.

AAEC-Estrella Mountain’s faculty and staff look forward to partnering with you on your journey to success!