AAEC Online High School Overview

What is AAEC Online?

AAEC Online is an asynchronous online academy. Offering the same high quality educational experience, and tuition free concurrent online college enrollment through Rio Salado Community College. We invite you to experience early college with the flexibility and convenience that online school provides.

What Is Asynchronous Online Class Like?

In asynchronous online classes, students can access their studies on their own schedules. Teachers may mark attendance in different ways, such as by tracking who watched the lecture or posting comprehension quizzes. More interactive lessons can require learners to answer polls or click buttons, which also tells the instructor who has engaged with the content.

An asynchronous class allows learners to digest material in different ways: Students can dedicate more time to challenging content and breeze through lighter content. 

Why Online vs. in-person?

  • You can work at a faster pace, or work slower, depending upon your
  • Own personal learning style.
  • Log on remotely.
  • Tailor your study hours to fit into your everyday schedule. 
  • Work on school anywhere, anytime.
  • Work toward your diploma with comfort and personal freedom which you would not have with classroom attendance.
  • Dress however you choose.
  • Take breaks when you feel the need to do so instead of when they are planned for you.
  • Students learn life skills - time manage, prioritizing, leadership, and more.
  • Students learn to challenge assumptions and think for themselves

 What sets AAEC Online apart from other Online schools?

AAEC is a Cognia (AdvanceED) accredited, tuition free, public charter high school. Our teaching staff is comprised of highly qualified, certified teachers. Our online curriculum is rigorous, easy to follow, and aligned to State standards. AAEC Online offers tuition free Community College courses embedded within our high school program. Many AAEC students graduate with both a high school Diploma AND an associate degree.

What Academic & Extracurricular opportunities does an Online student have?

Our online students will have extracurricular opportunities.

  • Concurrent Enrollment in College classes at Rio Salado
  • Participate in AAEC’s award winning extracurricular clubs at the closest AAEC brick-and-mortar campus.
  • Extracurriculars through Rio Salado
  • Live virtual tutoring & counseling with AAEC teachers or counselor