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Principal Linda LaFontain Retirement Announcement

Linda LaFontain

Principal Linda LaFontain

After graduating from ASU, the adventurous Linda LaFontain started her education journey in San Diego, California. She packed up her belongings in her car, and off she went. She often says that she had no clue how to begin teaching, but once she was there all clicked into place. Little did she know that her career would span 54 years. She has impacted the lives of over 21,000 students and their families. Those closest to her are rewarded with a quick English lesson, as it is one of her passions.


She is fast with a smile and that tilt of her head that lets one know if they should laugh or run. She loves her family and her many animals. She will continue rescuing the stray dogs and seeing them fed regularly. She will continue to read her hardback books, solve crossword puzzles, admire John Wayne, ride her horse, help Fred with the fence, and be there for us when we reach out. She has made a lasting impression on those of us who belong to the AAEC family and will be greatly missed. Linda La, enjoy your retirement!