Why Veterns Day?

Thank you Vets

Veterans Day is November 11th, and there’s no better time to honor those who served. Whether it’s a small token of your appreciation, a care package, donating your time, or supporting Veteran-Owned businesses, there are endless ways to recognize the brave men and women who have served in the U.S. Military. Come along as we look into the history of Veterans Day and reflect on how you can show your appreciation.  

A brief history of Veterans Day.  

Following the ending of World War I, the holiday was first recognized in 1919 by President Thomas Woodrow Wilson as “Armistice Day” to honor the veterans of the recent war. In 1954, the holiday was renamed “Veterans Day” to include all United States war veterans. It has since been recognized as a holiday celebrating the men and women who have served and are serving in the U.S. Military.  

Send a care package.  

One simple way to recognize a veteran in your life is to send them a care package full of their favorite things. Is there a specific coffee they enjoy? Maybe an author they prefer? Fill up a box with things like snacks, candles, books, bath bombs, accessories, and more. Not only will it be a great surprise for the recipient, but it will also be filled with things they can enjoy. If you don’t have a veteran in mind, consider donating a package to your local Veteran Affairs hospital.  

Support Veteran-Owned businesses.  

Did you know that Veterans own almost 2 million businesses countrywide? Not only that, but they employ many of those who served or currently serve, too. To show your support, consider shopping from Veteran-Owned businesses, whether they’re local businesses in your community or nationwide brands. If you’re stopping by in person, be sure to say thank you if you run into any Veterans while you’re there.  

Treat them to a coffee or meal.  

For more one-on-one time with a Veteran, think about taking them out for coffee or a meal. Before you meet up, come up with a few questions you want to ask them about their time serving to get the conversation started. You’ll likely be surprised by how eager and grateful they feel to share their personal stories!  

Commit to donating your time.  

A simple but effective way to support Veterans is to put time aside to either volunteer or help around the house. If you have a Veteran in mind, see if there are any chores they could use a hand with. Maybe it’s as simple as mowing their lawn or watching their kids so they can have a night to themselves. If you prefer to support a specific organization or hospital, contact them to see what help they might need.  

Veterans Day is important for many reasons, and recognizing those who served with something extra special can go a long way. Consider what you can do to show your support and say “thank you” to our country's brave men and women. Browse gifts that go the extra mile, American-made brands, and more in your Savings Program. Thank you, Veterans!