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Ray Gless posted of Linda LaFontain

A Moment with One of Our Very Own: Principal Linda LaFontain

Linda is a fifth-generation Arizonan from Tucson.  She obtained two degrees from Arizona State University. Her teaching career began in San Diego, where she taught English and Spanish.  Since then, she has taught or been an administrator in several Arizona districts, including the County Schools.  Linda believes in the joy of learning and is always searching for better ways to accomplish goals.  Beyond family, her favorite things are young people, animals, and books.  Through books, you can converse with great minds, learn a new skill, visit different eras, see the world, or even become a superhero!

 She appreciates the opportunity to be part of South’s team because they work together to ensure success for every student and they find fun in everyday activities.  Team members look out for one another and hold each other accountable for their core values.  They also create an opportunity for every AAEC South Mountain student to have a safe place and supportive adult to help them navigate their journey toward high school graduation and beyond.