AG Teachers Attend Drone Workshop

Ray Gless submit article from MCC

On August 20, 2021, Mesa, Arizona, Arizona Agriculture Teachers Association held their yearly
fall conference in Mesa, AZ, on August 19 - 21, 2021. 5 AAEC agricultural teachers from
across the state came together to attend workshops presented by the Arizona Farm Bureau and
visit local agriculture businesses. Mesa Community College hosted an Agriculture Drone
Demonstration workshop to help encourage agriculture teachers to offer drone operator
certifications in their high school programs. Teachers were able to use high-end agriculture
drones that are used for activities such as field mapping and precision pesticide applications.
Arizona Agriculture Teachers also had an opportunity to learn more about the MCC Landscape.
Horticulture and Sustainable Agriculture programs from agriculture professors Peter Conden
and Mike Gaspar hosted the conference and drone demonstration. Arizona Agricultural
Teachers serve over 8,000 students in 115 high school programs statewide.